Snack Friday: How You Can Give This Holiday Season

Are you tired of all the shopping hype at this time of year? Do you think we sometimes lose track of what the holidays are about? Do you wish there was something to remind people to be more charitable to those in need? Great news – we’re spreading the word of Snack Friday. Instead of spending all day mobbed in stores on Black Friday, maybe it’s better to give making it Snack Friday.

Snack Friday Logo

Spearheaded by my friend, colleague & podcasting guru Dan Lackaye of the Dan & Travis show, Snack Friday is all about remembering there’s those less fortunate than the rest of us who need help during this wonderful time of year. Instead of waiting for hours and risking getting trampled for a big screen or a toy that will break by New Year’s, how about taking some time and give to your local food pantry, shelter, humane society or charity of our choice.

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Everyone wants to give and help out local charities. But let’s be honest, we’re ALL super busy this time of year and often forget to take some time to contribute. This is a great way to mark your calendar to take some time and help those who are struggling. And if there’s anything the last 6 years have taught us – it’s that you never know when those struggles will hit.

Dan and Travis joined me for a special mini-sode and we talked for half an hour about what you can do to help out your neighborhood.

If you love this idea like we do, don’t be shy about spreading the word everywhere on social media. Let’s all help put the charity and giving back into the holiday season:

Snack Friday on facebook:

Snack Friday on Twitter:

Snack Friday logo by Dave Scott Graphic Design

Last year, we brought canned goods to the Long Breach Library.  This year, I’m going to contribute to this great organization:

Planning on participating? Let us know! Leave a comment of email us here:

Thank you to everyone who’s tuning in, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and HAPPY SNACK FRIDAY!!!

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