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May 4 2020 There is no need to fear the remake. Remakes are a staple of movies and will be forever:

Aprils 8 2020 Writers have been working from home for a long time. Here’s some tips on how to get through the lockdown during the pandemic:

September 14 2019 I wrote some episodes of the Cults podcast for the renowned Parcast Network. Here’s links to those  stories:

September 5 2019 Why calling the Patriots cheaters is more toxic to the accusers than the Patriots

August 26 2019 Murder Made Easy is now available on blu-ray!

January 2 2019 Remembering my dear, longtime, close personal friend “Mean” Gene Okerlund

June 23 2018 In Trump’s America, we need your stories more than ever

November 26 2017 Announcing the completion of Murder Made Easy

June 25 2017 Spotlight the release of Penumba From Beleeve Entertainment

March 28 2017 Remembering my friend and mentor Ron Greenfield

October 27 2016 Why I am a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton:

July 14 2016 Writing the extraordinary while amongst the ordinary of everyday life:

June 29 2016 Getting too busy writing screenplays to podcast about them:

June 22 2016 Many writers fear it, I say embrace it  – The Blank Page:

May 19 2016 Exploring how to get the reader to buy into your story:

March 15 2016 In defense of genre entertainment and why it matters to so many people:

January 13 2016 Where do writers come up with their ideas? My take on the matter:

December 14 2015 Holiday Special: The Holiday Season can be one of great pain and struggle for those with mental illness, depression and addiction. Licensed clinical social worker Elizabeth Lombino joins me to talk about how to help those in need:

November 18 2015 Film composer Kyle Newmaster takes us through the process of writing a score for movie:

October 27 2015 What do you do when someone hates your stuff? Filmmaker & writer Jennifer Sharp tells us how to ignore the noise to find your voice:

October 21 2015 It’s Back To The Future day and here’s some quick-hit thoughts I had while revisiting this all-time classic:

September 17 2015 Every screenwriter faces a ton of rejection. Here are some thoughts on how to handle it:

September 14 2015 I was delighted to be asked to take part in Ron Greenfield’s informative collection on show biz, Perspectives On Entertainment 2:

August 4 2015 Remembering the one & only Rowdy Roddy Piper whom I worked with on WWE Legends’ House:

July 14 2015 The Entertainment biz is booming in Boston. Industry vet Chuck Slavin tells us about how the productions there work and how tax credits are helping:

July 6 2015 Daphne Ashbrook, one of the few actors to be in both Doctor Who & Star Trek, talks about going behind the camera writing & producing her first film:

July 1 2015 Remembering my uncle Leonard Starr, a noted cartoonist, illustrator & writer:

June 16 2015 Exploring my mixed feelings about the return of Star Wars later this year:

June 8 2015 Thoughts on historical events occurring rapidly around us:

June 2 2015 Gregor Collins on the surprising journey chronicled in his memoir The Accidental Caregiver:

May 19 2015 Simon Guerrier, author of numerous Doctor Who books & plays, tackles the Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who for BBC Books:

May 13 2015 Third Generation Pro Wrestler Chavo Guerrero gives us a clinic on wrestling story-telling in the world of Lucha Underground:

April 9 2015 Heard about Doctor Who? Want to watch it but don’t know wear to start? Want to check out the old series, but which episode? Check out this handy user’s guide:

March 31 2015 HTD EXPRESS 31 Husband & wife filmmakers Stacy Gueraseva & Travis Rust talk about their first film together, Synergy,  a funny but thoughtful look at social media:

March 24 2015 HTD EXPRESS 30 Filmmaker Ramon Hamilton of Think Ten Media Group gives us an inside look at his prison web series “The wHOLE”:

March 16 2015 HTD EXPRESS 29 Artist Kyle C Mumford is in the midst of his latest short “Jamie And Jonathan” He tells us all about the adventures of making short films:

March 12 2015 HTD EXPRESS 28 Editor Crystal House takes us through the process of online editing and also we talk about the science of ufology:

March 10 2015 HTD EXPRESS 27 Filmmaker Jon Matthews brings together Appalachian Jews and Ugandan Jews to make an album in his new documentary:

March 4 2015 Some honest too goodness screenwriting kept me from blogging about it:

February 10 2015 HTD EXPRESS 26 Novelist & Playwright Paul O’Brien explains how he made the world of territorial pro wrestling the backdrop for his novels “Blood Red Turns Dollar Green”:

February 3 2015 HTD EXPRESS 25 Story Producer Rory LaPointe gives an inside scoop on the “writing” behind Reality TV:

January 13 2015 HTD EXPRESS 24 Radio programmer & DJ Dan Mason talks about how radio survives the changing times and getting to the root of the creative life:

January 8 2015 Who’s Paul McCartney? (Why the kids today are just like the kids of yesterday)

December 18 2014 PET ADOPTION 101 Special holiday episode with animal shelter volunteer on the do’s and don’ts of adopting pets:

December 16 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 23 The Witty Knitter himself Sammi Kat gives a tour through the world of knitting:

December 9 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 22 Former Production Executive M Dal Walton III tells why writers have nothing to fear when working with Executives:

December 2 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 21 Actress Simone Bailly (The L-Word, Stargate SG-1, Life Partners) tells us what screenwriters can learn from actors:

November 22 2014 SNACK FRIDAY We’ve started a new Thanksgiving tradition of giving to charities instead of shopping on Black Friday. Dan & Travis join me to tell you how you can participate:

November 21 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 20 An interview with Tom Grey the producer director of the Player Piano video series:

November 18 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 19 An interview with a married pair of animation screenwriters, Thomas Krajewski and Jennifer Muro:

November 7 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 18 An Interview with the founder of the Blue Cat Screenplay competition, screenwriter & director Gordy Hoffman:

October 28 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 17 Halloween Special: An Interview with Horror Movie Expert Rick Dominicus:

October 21 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 16 Dead Squad: An Interview with Screenwriter, Producer & Comic Book Writer Stephen Scaia:

October 15 2014: See You At The Driskill: A Look At The Austin Film Festival: 

October 14 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 15 Aspects Of Entertainment: An Interview With Graphic Designer & Marketing Executive Ron Greenfield:

October 7 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 14 Santagate: An Interview With Screenwriter & Children’s Book Author Mike Sundy:

September 30 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 13 Hello From South Africa: An Interview With Actress Rizelle Januk: 

September 23 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 12 Drink Tank: An Interview About Arthouse Cinema & Film Festivals w/ Christopher J Garcia:

September 16 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 11 Writing When Hired: An Interview With Screenwriter Stephen J Llorens:

September 15 2014: The Story So-Far, the first 10 Episodes of the Handsome Timmy Express on one page (& a precursor to this index)

September 9 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 10 Remembering Joan Rivers: An Interview With Producer & Stand-Up Comedian Talia Harai:

September 4 2014 :No Apologies: Why I Love The New England Patriots:

September 3 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 9 Doctor Of The Dead: An Interview With Pop Culture College Professor Arnold T Blumberg:

August 27 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 8 Confessions Of A Blogging Publicist: An Interview With AJ Feuerman:

August 19 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 7 Writing With A Dark Shadow: An Interview With Torchwood, Dark Shadows and Doctor Who writer Joseph Lidster:

August 18 2014: Follow Your Bliss, 38 Things I’ve Learned In 38 Years Alive:

August 13 2014: The Crazy Ones, a comment on mental illness perception:

August 12 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 6 The Ratings Game: An Interview With Director Of Television Research Brian Veys:

August 11 2014: The One Unbreakable Rule Of Screenwriting:

August 5 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 5 Penumbra:  An Interview With Independent Filmmakers Chelese Belmont & Shannan Leigh Reeve of Beleeve Entertainment:

August 4 2014: Her Name Is Mary Ann Evans: Why The World Is Ready For Female Ghostbusters:

July 30 2014: Programming Update for you completists out there:

July 29 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 4 Radio Genius: How To Make A Podcast An  Interview With The Dan & Travis Show:

July 28 2014: An Open Letter To William Shatner And George Takei – Please Stop:

July 23 2014: HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 3 Brazen Moves: An Interview With Director & Digital Media Producer Mike Doto:

July 21 2014: Dare To Be Current: What Every Screenwriter Can Learn From Weird Al Yankovic:

July 14 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 2 Tale From A Twice Self-Published Author: An Interview With Author & Screenwriter Megan Karasch:

July 8 2014 HTD EXPRESS EPISODE 1 From The Juke In The Back: An Interview With DJ Matt The Cat:

July 1 2014: You Get One: What Happens When You Do Fail:

June 19 2014: Haters Gonna Hate: Trolling The Trolls, how to deal with anonymous internet bullying:

June 12 2014: Star Beasts: Taking A Look At The Alien Saga from a screenwriter’s perspective:

June 4 2014: SPOILER ALERT – Or How I Learned To Block Spoilers And Love The Internet:

May 28 2014: Just Another Day In America, a comment on Gun Violence:

May 20 2014: Overcoming The Fear Of Failure:

May 12 2014: Writing Is Rewriting: Sort Of



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