March Update

Hello dear reader and hello dear listener,

I just wanted to check in since it’s been a while posting a blog or podcast – though traffic has been steady and healthy throughout February.  The HTD Express is still on track for lots of great programming over the next few months. I’ve been very busy with various writing projects, including honest-to-goodness screenwriting which had take top priority.

I’ve lined up some interviews with some fantastic filmmakers about some exciting new projects coming down the pipeline as well as several other industry pros to talk about aspects of the business which don’t get enough exposure.  And yes, I have got some more wrestling guests talking about the art of the squared circle coming soon.

I’m also got some more written blogs about screenwriting and even a guide to watching Doctor who coming your way.

Thanks again everyone for reading and listening. The feedback and listenership remains healthy and I couldn’t be happier. Everything is there in the index, though based on what folks are listening & reading lately, you all seem to exploring the topics with ease.  Feel free to email me with any comments or feedback.  Otherwise, stay healthy and keep fighting the good fight.

The Handsome Timmy D Express is proud to be a part of:

The Dan & Travis Show Podcast: An Awesome Thing


The Chronic Rift: A series of podcasts that attempt to “find the culture in pop culture.”


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