Coming Soon…Murder Made Easy

Hello, dear reader, hello dear listener. Where have I been? What have I been up to? Well, as I alluded to when pulling the podcast into station, so to speak, I’ve been very busy doing actual screenwriting as opposed to just blogging about it. I’ve heard the average ratio for a screenwriter is something like for every 30 scripts written, 1 actually gets made. I pleased to report I’ve hit that ratio almost exactly and coming soon, you’ll be able to watch Murder Made Easy directed by David Palamaro and written by hey hey, yours truly.

It’s an old cliche but it’s true – if you have a terrific cast & crew, your job is more than half over. We were blessed with talent upon talent upon talent to help bring our little murder mystery that could to life. Murder Made Easy is a love letter to dinner party mysteries of old such as And Then There Were None and Rope. I’m delighted to report we’ve collected our first laurels – including the Indie Spirit Award at the inaugural Women In Horror Film Festival. We qualified because of our outstanding lead, Jessica Graham, and our brilliant cinematographer, Sherri Kauk. As we seek a distribution deal, we’ve shared the film with reviewers and the cinema blogosphere and have discovered the wonderful problem of having to keep track of all the positive reviews.

Making a movie is an arduous journey that requires total commitment. It’s a constant exercise in problem solving and adjustment of plans as numerous things go terribly wrong and the universe gives you plenty of reasons to say “too hard, let’s do something else.” To have those challenges be rewarded with a cheering audience and the warm welcome of reviewers is truly overwhelming.

I’ll have a lot more to say as we get closer to an actual release date. I can’t wait for the day when everyone reading this gets a chance to see it.

Decay Magazine:

Pop Horror:

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And many more to come…





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