Pet Adoption 101: An Interview With Amy Reynolds


We’re in the midst of the holiday season and a big ticket item for many people is pets. There’s a lot to know before you decide to take an animal home and fortunately, Amy Reynolds is here to help us sift through that info. When Amy’s not working in post production for some of your favorite TV shows, she volunteers working with the Animal Shelter in Burbank. Helping shelter animals find the right home has become a passion for Amy for several years now.


This interview will tell not only how to find the right animal but also what you can do if you can’t adopt one at this time. There’s plenty of quick, easy and inexpensive ways that people can help our furry friends looking for a home. And it being the holidays, there are plenty of specials available for those of you in the market. Help spread the word about the knowledge that’s dropped here and let’s get some pets to the homes they belong in. 

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