The Witty Knitter: An Interview With Sammi Kat

Before this interview I knew nothing about knitting which is why I was so excited to conduct it. Nine years ago this week, Sammi Kat out of New Orleans, LA, picked up the hobby of knitting and he’s never looked back. Sammi was going through a particular rough patch and while convalescing from surgery, he took up knitting to keep himself busy and sane. With a chill in the air this time of year, Sammi’s knitting stories are here to warm you up like a comforting glass of port.

Sammi Gally          Sammi Gally 2

In Episode 23 of the Express, Sammi tells us all about his journey which is an inspiring reminder that creative endeavors can be a great antidote to many of life’s woes. He also has stories about who the knitting community is – hint: it’s not just the stereotype of old ladies on sofas. A lot of mold was broken when Sammi was made. He’s one of my most outspoken and unique friends and I’m delighted he took time for this very fun & informative listen. Enjoy:

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